Solo 3 day trek including Toubkal

..Solo 3 day trek that included Mt Toubkal and a day walking in the valley. For me, tough going through the snow only made possible by Hassan, Hassan and Ahmed. My needs were anticipated and my requests met with a smile. No mint tea...ok you are a pain but no problem)

So, no matter what issues or concern on health, food, safety you may have Ahmed and his team will make sure you are safe, secure and anxiety free.

This feels really important for familes travelling with children or for people who have not travelled so much in less developed countries. You can relax and enjoy your adventure knowing Hassan or any of the team will keep you safe and comfortable. Ahmed's work and interest in developing a tourism ethos for his area that is sustainable and mutually respectful will I hope be a model for others to follow in the future.


Visited May 2016