Winter Treks

Most of our treks are possible in the winter, though we do not trek in the M’Goun area in the winter because of snow and the frequent high winds. 

The Toubkal area is recommended if you have limited time but want to experience the Atlas Mountains in winter. Most of our treks , excluding Toubkal summit, are possible in winter without crampons or special equipment.

The best areas for longer winter trekking are the Jebel Sahro and Jebel Sirwa areas which are further south towards the Sahara. In the summer these areas are very hot, but in the winter, from November to March, the temperatures there are around 22 C during the day, thought the nights can be cold. Popular treks at this time of the year are our Desert Tours, with or without a Camel Trek. 

Another option for winter trekking is the Amezmiz Valley which is only an hour from Marrakech and at a lower altitude than our other treks. It is an ideal introduction to the Atlas Mountains, with less demanding walking. The highest point of the trek is 2200m and there are stunning views throughout. 

All these areas are easily accessible throughout the year and although it may be cold at night in the winter, the daytime temperatures are pleasant. Snow is of course possible, but unlikely to cause problems. 

Many of the treks in the Toubkal area are possible throughout the winter, though for some special equipment (crampons and ice axes) may be needed. (These can be hired if necessary.) Certainly any winter trek involving the ascent of Toubkal needs crampons and possibly ice axes and some experience of walking on snow. It will also be very cold, so extra warm clothing is recommended. Also, because some of the passes en route may be blocked by snow, changes of route may be necessary. Porters may be needed to replace the mules we usually use if passes are blocked, which will increase the cost of the trek. 

However, other treks in the Toubkal area are possible throughout the year without special equipment, though it will still be cold, especially at night. 

If you are interested in a winter trek in the Toubkal area, select a trek from our list of treks and we’ll let you know what equipment if any you will need. Or contact us with dates and an idea of what you would like to do and we’ll suggest an appropriate trek to suit the time you have, your fitness and experience.

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Trek Duration: Varied
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Trek Itinerary

Trek itinerary depends on weather conditions, the time you have, your fitness and experience.
Please contact us for suggested itinerary.