Do I need special equipment to climb Toubkal?

It depends on the time of year! Toubkal is not technically difficult to climb and in the summer no special equipment is needed to reach the summit.

In winter and early/late season (April/May and October/November), it will be cold and can be very cold. So warm clothing is essential, preferably layers and a good anorak. Hat and gloves are essential.

There will be snow in winter, early spring and autumn, so crampons and ice axes may be needed. Ahmed will advise if they are required. They can be hired.

A walking pole is not essential but can be very useful, especially in the colder months. If you do not bring your own, they can be provided.

Finally, the ascent of Toubkal is a great experience and on a clear day offers spectacular views across to the Sahara desert. It is well worth considering - however, it is best to acclimatise by tackling Toubkal at the end of a few days trekking.