Toubkal Region

Treks In The Toubkal Region:

This 5 day trek is an ideal trek for walkers who do not want anything too demanding , but who want to experience the Berber way of life, see varied and magnificent scenery and includes a visit to the shrine of Sidi Chamarouch and the famous waterfall at Tamsoult.

It is perfect at any time of the year, especially in the winter, when the summit of Toubkal is snow-capped and only climbable with crampons.

The itinerary can be adapted to suit your interests and the time you have available: for example, it can be shortened to 4 days.

Trek Code: TREK I
Trek Duration: 5 days / 4 nights

This 6 hour, guided walk is ideal for those who want to experience the Atlas mountains and magnificent scenery and learn something of the Berber way of life.

Trek Code: TREK A
Trek Duration: 1 Day

This trek follows the same route as the Lake Ifni – Toubkal trek (Trek B) as far as Amsouzarte (Day 3). The route then heads north, avoiding Lake Ifni, into remoter areas of the Toubkal Massif.

Trek Code: TREK D
Trek Duration: 7 or 8 days / 6 or 7 nights

This trek is recommended for trekkers with limited time and includes the Aguelzim Pass (3560m) and Toubkal Summit.

Trek Code: TREK E
Trek Duration: 4 days /3 nights or 3 days / 2 nights

This trek is highly recommended as it offers an excellent opportunity to experience the Berber way of life, to visit the only lake in the High Atlas and to climb the highest mountain in North Africa. The walking is at times demanding but the high passes we cross help to acclimatise and improve fitness before the ascent of Toubkal. The scenery is among the best in the Atlas range.

If you have limited time it is possible to combine Days 6 and 7 and to return to Marrakech at the end of Day 6.

Trek Code: TREK B
Trek Duration: 7 days / 6 nights or 6 days / 5 nights

This trek combines TREK H (Two Valleys) and TREK J (Toubkal Summit). You have time to acclimatise before tackling Toubkal and the third night is spent in the typical Berber village of Aremd with the opportunity to use the village hamman.

Trek Code: TREK C
Trek Duration: 5 Days / 4 nights

This is a demanding, intensive climb – from Imlil (1740m) to the summit of Toubkal (4167m) and back in two days. Because there is little time to acclimatise, there is the risk of altitude sickness. However, it is a good option for those with very little time and a reasonable level of fitness.

Trek Code: TREK J
Trek Duration: 2 days / 1 night

If you have limited time, but want to get a real feel for the Atlas mountains and the Berber people, then this 2 day trek could be right for you.

Trek Code: TREK Toubkal K
Trek Duration: 2 days / 1night

This is recommended for inexperienced trekkers with limited time who want to experience the Berber way of life and the magnificent Atlas scenery without too demanding walking.

Trek Code: TREK H
Trek Duration: 3 days / 2 nights

About The Toubkal Region

This is the most popular area with trekkers : easily accessible from Marrakech, it is an area of stunning scenery, high mountains (including Toubkal, the highest mountain in north Africa at 4167m) and typical Berber villages.
The area is criss-crossed by mule tracks that cross high passes and descend into deep valleys, passing summer pastures and terraces of maize, potatoes and other crops and orchards of walnut, apple and cherry. Imlil is the main trailhead for the area.